Winding machines

On this page we provide you our extensive arsenal of wire winding machines, such as

Toroidal winding machines
rewinding machines
Layer winding machines
Filament winding machines
Heater winding machines
Armature winding machines

and much more. We as a specialist in winding technology hope to help you with your problems in any way.

Taping machines

The machines of the BM series are general-purpose taping machines and are characterized by a robust construction and ease of use.

They can be used in the cable industry, as well as in electric motors and transformer construction.

Again, a wide range of products is represented by taping machines. They range from the complicated bandaging, closed and open bodies and high voltage transformers and similar body design. The insulation material consists of either dry or slightly adhesive tapes, such as cotton, paper, glass silk or polyester tape. We distinguish between two fundamentally different taping principles, the magazine or the principle role.

An electronic counter, or a PLC and an automatic tape cutter included in standard delivery. With the contribution from the mechanical feed-hand operation it is possible to bandage complicated body effectively.

Combined machines

The combined wire wrapping and taping machines of the "DBW series", are special machines for simultaneously winding and taping of bobbins and torodial cores.
They are particularly suitable for the manufacture of current transformers, ring transformers and other multi-layer winding goods.
The winding and taping heads can be individually moved out of the work area, what it makes easy to handle and also a single worker process allows.
The heads and the ring guides are specially adapted to the task at hand.

Roller Runners

Our variety of processes suitable for various wire diameters and materials. We provide procedures for wires with a diameter of 0.05 mm, but are also able to significantly larger diameters offer matching applications. You also have the choice of whether the braking force is controlled purely mechanical or electrical hysteresis.

Ceramic rollers

We are also supplier of ceramic rollers. If you need a replacement part or roles for your own machines, you only have to fill out the form on the following page and we will make you an offer.

Special Machines

We are also supplier of special machines. If you need a machine
customized for your product we can construct and
build it for you.