F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH was founded on 01.12.2003. Our company deals with the development and production of winding machines for electrical industry.

All rights of the former international companies "Ramm", "Kandulla" and "Froitzheim und Rudert" are marketed exclusivly by us.

Our service comprises:

  • Mechanichal processing of every usual material

  • Total mass of individual parts up to 250 kg (depending on type of machining up to 1000 kg)

  • Following customer requests we produce measurement controls

  • Mechanical or electromechanichal component assembly

Our Know-How stands for the problem-solving of your winding tasks.

Please contact us and benefit from our experience.

We are delievering a variety of machines to our clients all over the world. These include:

  • Toroidal winding machines

  • Taping machines

  • Mica stripe winding machines

  • Heating coil winding machines

  • Wire winding machines

  • Layerwinding machines

  • Armature winding machines

  • Stator machines

  • Rotor winding machines

  • Fringing machines

  • Manual winding machines

  • Wire rewinding machines

  • Spiral winding machines

  • Wire pay-offs

  • Small cable-making machines

  • And much more

With this side we would like to give you an overview of our machines and latest developments.


We are constantly looking forward to update the technical information on our site.

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Winding machines? F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH is your partner“